We are sphynx

We are cooperative of international creative minds, composed of complementary talents specialized in Brands & Bands :

designers / graphic designers / web designers / web developpers / musicians /
community managers / photographs / cameramen / producers / writers / builders

We are here to enhance all your creative projects.
We provide ideas, style, graphic design, music, photo and video content !

Our Skills


/Names & Baselines
/Corporate identities
/Iconic signatures

Communication TOOLS

/Social media
/Content & strategies


/T.shirt artworks
/Denim & cloth design
/Trims & labels
/Supplier sourcing
/Follow up


/Trend Zone
/Shop merchandising
/Booth designer

Connecting people

/Seminar concepts
/Linkage with

  • Denim professionnals
  • Artists
  • Influencers

Creative Content

/Advertising concepts
/Creative visuals
/Lifestyle & product photo shoot
/Casting, spotting,
shooting, post-production

Our Experience

My name is Lucie Germser. I’m the founder of Sphynx.

I have a strong Artistic Direction and Music background.
I’ve studied Graphic Design at EAA school and Cello for 15 years
at the French National Music Academy.
I was succesively Graphic designer, Art Director and publisher
of music, lifestyle and sports magazines,
while playing cello, guitar, basse, drums & singing in different bands.

For 12 years, I have been the head of communication and design for an international denim design Studio.

It is this solid experience in different creative areas,
on top of a real desire to enhance my network of super talented partners
that led me to found this new creative cooperative concept, mixing style, image and music.

Thanks to my past experience, I had the great opportunity to work with eclectic & amazing clients such as :


Armor Lux


Chanel / Zapa / Courrèges

Barbara Bui / Oxbow

H&M / The Cooper Collection

Lee Cooper Brand / Kenvelo

Lafuma / Blue X Only

Pull-in Denim / Ober

Zadig & Voltaire / Kaporal


Bluezone Munich

Munich Fabric Start

Bangladesh Denim Expo

Sustainable Apparel Forum

Stories Agency


Advance Denim

Artistic Milliners

Denim Expert Ltd

The Laundry Experts

Panther denim



NeoX / Version

Chicks Magazine

Bangladesh Denim Times

Trip Surf / Trek / Wind Surf

Skieur / Grands Reportages

Hotel & Lodge / Snow Surf


The Women in denim


The Shitty Cover Challenge


Mostafiz Uddin


The Darkness


Raphaële Germser

La Boulangerie

Lucie Sue

and more to come…

Our Contact